I was born in Turkey in August 1985.  I graduated from Istanbul University in 2008 with a bachelors degree in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science.  I worked as a physiotherapist for 8 years in hospitals, private physical therapy centers, and centers for the disabled.  In addition, I received training in mat pilates, reformer pilates, cadillac pilates from the Gymnastics Federation and "Clinical Pilates" from the Austrian Institute of Pilates and Physical Therapy (APPI).
As a physiotherapist instructor, I've gave Pilates education to people who want to be an instructor  at the International Pilates Federation.  I'm currently giving private lessons on mat pilates, clinical pilates, reformer, physiotherapy, and medical-massage.  I can schedule private physical therapy or pilates classes at home for people who cannot come to my studio.  I also have Reiki training because I believed in alternative medicine methods.  My education will always continue in order to evaluate a person as a whole to provide what YOU need.